SourceOne Frequently Asked Questions


Q) Do I have to buy from Source One Members?

A) No. Source One members offer best-in-class brands and a wide variety of direct and indirect material, but it is possible that certain products or suppliers might not be covered in our collective offering. Associate members may be added.


Q) Do I have to use Kanban Cards?

A) No. Majority of Source One’s orders use a simple Kanban card or label. But, there are several options to enter order in the Source One eProcurement system.


Q) Do I give up my ability to negotiate with suppliers?

A) You are in complete control in the Source One program. Our system allows you to maintain relationships and interaction with key suppliers. We automate purchasing transactions without disrupting higher level procurement activities.


Q) What are the standard metrics used to measure a Source One Program?

A) Source One and its members conduct regular performance reviews. We report on the program activity, the number of transactions as well as cost savings.


Q) What does a Source One implementation cost?

A) Minimal cost and time. We take the hard work out of setup by providing the necessary bar code reader and cradle. Source One also produces the Kanban cards or labels. The key is setting up the master parts file which contains important information such as price, replenishment quantity, cell or warehouse location and accounting information.


Q) How does the Source One system affect purchasing?

A) It frees time in purchasing by reducing much of the waste and tedious ordering tasks. As one purchasing manager told us recently, “Now I have time to work on strategic issues.”


Q) Is Source One an integrator ?

A) Source One is a higher form of integrated supply. Our integration model does not insulate the customer from suppliers.