SourceOne Value Proposition

Each member is an expert in their respective field of core competency.  With competitive solutions, one company tries to be the “know all”, “do all” solution.  What falls short is the ability to be an expert in all sectors of manufacturing.  Our Alliance Members abide to their own strengths to bring new technology, and in turn cost savings to our customers.

SourceOne is a non-profit organization.  Because all members have an equal share of ownership in SourceOne, there is no reason for it to strive to be a profit generator.  This also instills success in the program as the largest driving factor in our model is to eliminate a tiering charge and reduce the overall total cost of ownership to the customer.

S1eP, our custom cloud eprocurement platform, gives our customers what they demand in today’s competitive environment, transparency.  Pricing is negotiated with each individual member then consolidated and presented to the customer through one single contact.  Our customers have full access to view and export the program SKU detail, replenishment levels, pricing and one click, exportable usage reports including inventory turns.

Lean-Pre-Audited Invoicing
This is a huge benefit to our customers.  With all members using different operating systems, and or, ERP systems, it is critical that we compile our data in a single printed or electronic monthly or weekly consolidated customer invoice, that insures all contracted order data matches member invoicing, or it is not included.  This service alone saves our customers dozens of hours, and thousands of dollars every month.

Non-Commissioned SCC’s
Our On-Site Supply Chain Coordinators are not commissioned by SourceOne or any members.  This is critical in insuring that inventory levels are optimal, and not overfilled.  This is also critical in making sure that we focus on the total cost of ownership, not just selling product.